Our Students Achieved Good Results in the National Undergraduate Embedded Chip and System Design Contest and Intelligent Interconnection Innovation Contest
time: 2021-01-11

The National Undergraduate Embedded Chip and System Design Competition and the National Undergraduate Intelligent Interconnection Innovation Competition were sponsored by the Chinese Institute of Electronics, co-organized by Southeast University, Nanjing Jiangbei New District Management Committee and Nanjing Integrated Circuit Industry Collaborative Innovation College, and co-organized by well-known domestic and foreign manufacturers.The competition is held once a year and is conducted in three stages: preliminary rounds, quarter-finals and national finals.Among them, the participating teams will independently select topics in accordance with the direction specified in the competition notice to carry out project design for the preliminary competition, and the expert panel of the competition will determine whether to qualify for the semi-finals of the sub-division.The team that won the first prize in the semi-finals of the sub-division will automatically qualify for the national finals.

A total of 2009 teams from 303 colleges and universities across the country participated in this competition. After expert evaluation and the review of the organizing committee, a total of 156 teams won the first prize in the semi-finals of the sub-division, and 169 teams qualified for the national finals.

From November 25th to 27th, 2020, the national finals of this competition were held in Nanjing.On-site evaluation was adopted in the National Finals. The participating teams needed to provide display documents, demonstration videos, and display and defend their works at the evaluation site. In the end, a total of 145 teams won the national finals, including 25 first prizes, 48 second prizes, and 72 third prizes.

Both teams from our institute achieved good results in this competition.The Stm32-based smart instrument cabinet project completed by He Siyuan (captain), Lin Fuhan, and Zhang Xuan (instructors: Li Lei, Lai Lijuan) won the first prize in the semifinals of the southern division and the second prize in the competition;The project Logistics Sorting Control System of Intelligent Robot Arm Based on MQTT Communication completed by Chen Guang (team leader), Wen Runmin and He Weiyun (instructor: Hou Shihua) won the first prize in the southern division and the third prize in the national competition.

What is interesting is that among the two teams participating in this competition, He Siyuan, Lin Fuhan, Chen Guang, Wen Runmin, and He Weijun are all from Class 5 of Information Engineering, Grade 2018. According to what was learned,students in this class can actively participated in various design competitions and continue to achieve excellent results since the freshman year. Since entering the junior year, students of this class have won one national first prize since August 2020. Three national second class awards; Three national third class awards; Five first prizes at provincial and ministerial level; One provincial and ministerial level third prize; One provincial second prize.

Through participating in various design competitions, students' practical ability is significantly enhanced, their enthusiasm for innovation is been stimulated, and the demeanor of our students who are not afraid of challenges and have the courage to innovate are fully demonstrated.