The Meeting of the Teaching Steering Committee of Electronic Information Specialty of the Ministry of Education was Successfully Held in SCUT
time: 2019-04-18

On the afternoon of April 24rd, 2019, the meeting of the Teaching Steering Committee of Electronic Information Specialty of the Ministry of Education (Production-University Cooperative Docking Working Group) was successfully held in the conference room of the 11th floor of Liwu Science and Technology Building. Academician Wu Yirong of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, principal assistant Wang Xuannian of SCUT, five members from universities of National Defense University of Science and Technology and Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, six enterprise representatives of Shenzhen Founding Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd., and representatives of teachers and students of our school attended the meeting. Secretary of our school Xv Xiangmin presided over the meeting.

They discussed on the Work Group Program of Industry-University Collaboration and model of Industry-University Collaboration on the meeting. Many young teachers of our school came up with their opinions upon the problems of Industry-University Collaboration. Academician Wu Yirong summarized the meeting. Firstly, electronic information specialty should be combined with practice and application. Secondly, it’s necessary to apply Industry-University Collaboration to undergraduate education. Thirdly, young teachers should do further research aiming to meet the need of companies and to solve practical problems. Finally, scientific research is a difficult process of experimenting repeatedly. Therefore, scientific researchers ought to study hard and spend their lives striving for the career.

After the meeting, they visited Guangdong Human Data Engineering Research Center and National Mobile Ultrasound Detection Engineering Technology Research Center accompanied by secretary Xv Xiangmin and professor Wei Gang in order to find opportunities of Industry-University Collaboration.