Microelectronic Device Group
time: 2017-05-08


The Microelectronic device group is led by Prof. Ruo-he Yao and has six faulty members, including two full professors and four associate professors. The group is working to explore novel semiconductor materials and devices, and their potential in future display technology, optoelectronics and radio-frequency devices. With the silicon based semiconductor technology reaches its limit, the novel semiconductor devices will play an important role in future electronic systems. The establishment of the microelectronic device is to combine the research strengths of the faculty members of School of Microelectronics, including Prof. Yao, Prof. Liu and Prof. Chen focusing on thin film transistors, Prof. Geng and Prof. Chang-jian Zhou focusing on solar cells and sensors based on novel low-dimensional structures, Prof. Geng and Prof. Shao-lin Zhou, and Prof. Chang-jian Zhou focusing on microstructures and microsensors. In addition, research interest of Prof. Yao also includes IC Design, digital signal processing. Taking advantages of all the related efforts in the new group, we are aiming to gain better understanding and big breakthroughs in the following topics: (a) device structure and physics of thin film transistors, (b) novel optoelectronic devices and sensors, and (c) novel RF and power devices based on the 3rd generation semiconductor materials.

Group Member:

Ruo-he Yao, Professor, Doctor

Yu-rong Liu, Professor, Doctor

Kui-wei Geng, Associate Professor, Doctor

Rong-sheng Chen, Associate Professor, Doctor

Chang-jian Zhou, Associate Professor, Doctor

Shao-lin Zhou, Associate Professor, Doctor

Research Fields:

1. Device structure and physics of thin film transistor (TFT)

Our group focuses on the novel metal oxide semiconductor active channel layer with multi-valent metal dopingnovel device structurenew process fabricationthe TFT model based on device physicsTFT application and integration for AMLCD and AMOLED display, and the integrated sensor application based on the TFT.

2. Novel optoelectronic device and sensor

Our group focuses on the novel optoelectronic device based on the 3D microstructure, such as mesh electrodeterahertz filter. New semiconductor optoelectronic device, such as graphene-silicon based terahertz filter, optoelectronic sensor and solar cell device with microstructure, and the design and process for the new semiconductor optoelectronic device based on the 2D thin film material with high performance.

3. The 3rd generation novel semiconductor RF and power device

Our group also focuses on the 3rd generation GaN, SiC and ZnO semiconductor devices, especially on the new RF electronic device and power device which will lay the foundation for the next generation of integrated circuit. For the GaN based device, we have already joined a “863” Project as a key group, and hosted 2 Guangdong Province Significant Scientific Projects.


Research Achievements:

Over the past five years, our group has undertaken 6 national and provincial major scientific and technological projects including National Science Foundation of China andScience and Technology Research Projects of GuangdongProvince, and published more than 100 papers in peer reviewed journals including Advanced Functional materials, IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices, IEEE Electron Device Letters, Nanoscale, Applied Physics letters, etc. and more than 10 patents.

1. Research project grants

[1] Modeling and parameter extraction of the oxide semiconductor thin-film transistors, National Science Foundation of China, Grant No.61274085.

[2] The stability and mechanism of polymer thin film transistor,National Science Foundation of China, Grant No. 61076113.

[3] Prototype of THZ devices by 3D printing related technologies, semiconductor photonic devices,National Science Foundation of China, Grant No. 61405060.

[4] The sputtering deposition of InSnZnO thin film and its application to vertical thin film transistors, National Science Foundation of China, Grant No. 61604057.

[5] Development and industrialization of GaN based RF devices,Science and Technology Research Projects of GuangdongProvince, Grant No. 2016B010123004.

[6] Research on key technology of broadband & high efficiency LED devices for visible light communication,Science and Technology Research Projects of GuangdongProvince, Grant No. 2014B010119002.

[7] Fabrication and properties of resistive gate oxide thin film transistors,Natural Science Foundation of Guangdong province, Grant No. 2016A030313474.

[8] Process technology of advanced Si-based thin-film cell,Comprehensive strategic cooperation project of Guangdong Academy of Sciences, Grant No. 2011A090100034.

[9] Technical process for the low cost high efficiency crystalline silicon, production-study-research cooperation project of Guangdong province, Grant No. 2010 B090400231.

2. Representative Publications

[1] Zhou S, Liu J, Deng Q, et al. Effect of Near-Field Diffraction in Photolithography of Hexagonal Arrays for Dichroic Filters[J]. IEEE Photonics Journal, 2016, 8(4): 1-11.

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3. Patents

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