A Gathering for Class 1, Grade 2002 from SEIE after Graduation for 10 Year
time: 2016-08-24

The alumni firstly toured several landmarks of SCUT, including front gate of SCUT, Sun Yat-sen Statue, 100-step Ladder…Time passes by and everything was renewing. We were growing up. Everything had changed, but our love for SCUT remained forever. After learning that their elder schoolfellows could gather together after graduation for 10 years, the younger schoolfellows of Grade 2013 were deeply touched and took group photos with them. Regardless of your ages, we were all from SCUT and what we experienced during our youth was also experienced by others.

The alumni went to the meeting room of No.30 Building. A minded alumnus prepared a time capsule and assigned a task for everyone. Everyone was required to put his or her wish into the time capsule and promised to open it at the 20th anniversary gathering. When filling in the cards carefully, it seemed to everyone that the deskmate was sitting nearby and the brothers slept in the upper berth. It seemed that everyone went back to the study time.

Secretary Zhao Min welcome all the alumni to reunite at SCUT, spoke highly of their achievements at such young age and introduced the development status of SEIE in recent years. In particular, he hoped that the alumni could offer their suggestions on the development of SEIE. The construction of SEIE could not develop without alumni’s support. SEIE was willing to provide alumni with a resource sharing, cooperative and win-win platform. Zhao also suggested the alumni to go and see the blossoming delonix regia at SCUT. Delonix regia in blossom upon graduation indicated that SCUT graduates could have a booming life like delonix regia. The alumni prepared a delicate souvenir for their head teacher to memorize the deep friendship between teachers and students.

The alumni from other places tried their best to come back to attend the 10th anniversary gathering. It rained heavily, but it could not stop their footsteps for the gathering.