20 Years Anniversary Reunion for the Class of 1995
time: 2015-04-15

Over 80 alumni of Grade 1995 from Department of Radio Engineering of SEIE gathered in Room 107, Run Run Shaw Science Hall, SCUT. The gathering was attended by director and deputy director of Alumni Work Department of SCUT Chen Yan, executive vice-president Xu Xiangmin and deputy party committee secretary of SEIE Liu Zhe, former dean, deputy dean and party committee secretary of Department of Radio Engineering and some head teachers.

Chen Yan, director of Alumni Work Department of SCUT, firstly welcomed all the alumni to visit SCUT on behalf of SCUT and Alumni Association. She introduced the changes and development of SCUT in recent years, including basic information of scientific research platform, faculty and discipline ranking. She also introduced the activities held by Alumni Work Department of SCUT, including alumni introduction in WeChat account and recruitment of alumni association and other brand columns. Hopefully, everyone could be more concerned about and learned about the messages of alumni. Chen also mentioned that November 14 was the homecoming day of SCUT and all the alumni would be welcomed to gather at SCUT again. At last, Chen said that the progress and achievements of SCUT could not be made without alumni’s concern and support. It was the joint efforts of all alumni that accomplished SCUT. It was hoped that alumni could be concerned about and support the development of SCUT.

Professor Xu Xiangmin, executive vice-president of SEIE, also graduated from Department of Radio Engineering in 1995. He introduced SEIE’s faculty, enrollment number, discipline construction and other basic information. He said that after development for years, the talent cultivation achievements and discipline platform construction of SEIE took the lead among similar universities in China and SEIE would be committed to research on mobile ultrasound detection, marine information, somatic data and radio frequency. Meanwhile, SEIE had cooperated with 17 international universities and scientific research institutions, and many excellent students participated in the exchange programs. President Xu explained the past, current status and future prospect of SEIE from its history, talent cultivation, scientific research prospect, international cooperation and social service. He also shared the development status of the cutting-edge technology in discipline field.