time: 2015-12-16
Courses for Master Degree

Course Namecourse   code credits
Theory & Applications of Artificial Neural NetworksB08090012
Theory of Nonlinear Systems & ChaosB08090022
A Survey of One Special Subject in Circuits and SystemsB08090052
Modern Information Processing TheoryB08090073
Recognition of Image Feature Information and ApplicationsB08090082
Chaos and Information ProcessingB08090103
Design Methodology for VLSIB08090123
Computational MicroelectronicsB08090133
Principle and Design of Analog Integrated CircuitsB08090162
Models and Simulations for DSM DevicesB08090182
Modern Information TheoryB08090203
Reliability Testing Methodology for ICB08090213
Antennas Theory and DesignB08090312
Infrared and Micro-Wave Remore SensingB08090322
Introduce to Physical Electronics and PhotoelectronicsB08090332
Machine Learning and its ApplicationB08090363
Complex Networks and Information Processing-ⅡB08090372
Quantum electronicsB08090383
RF Circuit Analysis and Antennas SubjectB08090393
Theory of Communication Network SystemsB08090403
Theory of Advanced Electromagnetic FieldB08090413
RF Circuit Analysis and DesignB08090423
Antennas for Mobile CommunicationB08090432
Theory of Advanced Electromagnetic FieldB08090442
Computational MicroelectronicsB08090452
Semiconductor Sensor and MEMSB08090462
The Reliability of Semiconductor Device and Ics(Reliability of   Semiconductor Device and Integrate Circuit)B08090472
Modern Theory of SignalsB08090483
Advance in Electromagnetic field and Microwave TechniquesB08090493
The Reliability of Semiconductor Device and ICB08090502
Advanced Topics on Circuits and Systems SubjectB08090512
Theory of Communication Network SystemB08100013
Mordern Theory of Adaptive FilteringB08100023
Modern Theory of SignalB08100032

Advanced Digital Imaging Theory and TechnologyB08100052
Digital Video Processing TheoryB08100072
Design of Integrated Circuits(2)B08100093

Security of Communication networksB08100112
New Advances in Communication ElectromagneticsB08100123
Information Theory and It's DevelopB08100132
Theory and Design of Modern RF FiltersB08100142
Time-Domain Computational ElectromageticsB08100152
Advanced RF Circuit DesignB08100162
Wireless NetworksB08100172

The Principle and Design of Switching Power SupplyS08080382
Modern Electronic Devices and ApplicationsS08080392
Electric Test TechnologyS08080402
Modern Electric Power an Electronic TechnologyS08080413
Microprocessor Control Unit & Digital Signal Processor   TechniquesS08090014
The Technology Basis of Micro-System ProcessingS08090043
Vacuum Physics and TechnologyS08090062
Fundamentals of PhotonicsS08090073
Electrostatic Theory and ProtectionS08090083
Theory of Nonlinear Circuits and SystemsS08090093
Theory and Applications of High Frequency Switching Power   SuppliesS08090102
Advanced Technology of Image/ideo CodingS08090122
theory & Applications of Artificial Neural NetworksS08090142
Theory of Advanced Electromagnetic FieldS08090173
Advanced Communication TheoryS08090183
Electronic System and ASIC DesignS08090192

Theory and Design of Integrated CircuitsS08090243
Soft Sensor Approach and SystemS08090252
Signal and System TheoryS08090273
IC Design (Circuits and Systems)S08090313
Digital Image ProcessingS08090343
Reliability of Semiconductor Device and Integrate CircuitS08090402
Experiment On Integrated Circuit EDA DesignS08090422
Introduction of IC Design MethodologyS08090442
Analysis and Design of Analog ICS08090452
Theory and Technology for Signal ProcessingS08090513
Microwave NetworkS08090542
RF Circuit Analysis and DesignS08090553
Theory and   Design of Modern RF FiltersS08090562
Antennas for Mobile CommunicationsS08090572
Infrared System DesignS08090642
A Wavelet Tour of Signal ProcessingS08090652
Theory of Nonlinear Circuits and Power ElectronicsS08090663
Modern Information TheoryS08090673
Modern Coding Theories and TechnologiesS08090683
Pattern Classification And Machine LearningS08090693
Integrated Circuits & System on Chip DesignS08090703
Complex Networks and Information Processing-IS08090712
Electric System Design with EDA TechniqueS08090722
Security of information and communication networksS08090732
Modern Digital Signal ProcessingS08090743
Physics of Semiconductor DeviceS08090752
Microelectronic Processing TechnologyS08090762
Semiconductor Sensor and MEMSS08090772
Theory of Signal and SystemS08090782
Theories and Technologies of Error CodingS08100023
Pattern Recognition PrinciplesS08100033
Queuing TheoryS08100042
Adaptive Signal ProcessingS08100063
Digital Video ProcessingS08100073
Principle of the Modern Computer NetworksS08100082
Computational ElectromagnetismS08100092
Acvanced Digital Imaging Theory and TechnologyS08100102
Wavelet Analysis and Its Applications in EngineeringS08100122
Novel Approaches in Modern Signal ProcessingS08100132
Computer VisionS08100142

Wireless NetworksS08100172
Advanced Technology of Image/ideo CodingS08100192
MIcrowave NetworkS08100232
Access Network TechnologiesS08100273

Digital Integrated Circuits DesignS08100302

Digital Image ProcessingS08100323
Introduction to Fractal InformationS08100333
Linux & Embedded Communication SystemS08100353
Machine Learning and its ApplicationS08100373
Modern Wireless Communication TechniqueS08100383
Grid computing and parallel information processingS08100392
Speech Signal ProcessingS08100403
Information hiding and digital investigationS08100412
3D Image TechnologyS08100422
Computer Vision and Digital Video ProcessingS08100433
Embedded System and its ApplicationS08100442
Computer NetworkS08230192