Master Program
time: 2015-12-15

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Program Features

The School of Electronics and Information Engineering offers postgraduate programs leading to the degrees of Master of Engineering. Full-time and part-time options are available for Master Degree. Part-time students can take Professional Master Degree which is designed for professionals. Graduate study in electronics and information Engineering engages students in the complexity of modern communication and its centrality to communication and information industries and, in doing so, prepares them to work in the field related to such as Telecommunication company, IT enterprise, broadcasting, national defense, bank & financial enterprise, research institutions etc. The School offers graduate programs leading to the degrees of Master of Engineering, Coursework brings together humanistic and scientific intellectual traditions through a unified core curriculum and a wide selection of diploma project.
The Master of Engineering Degree program provides training in research can be either preparation for doctoral study or a terminal degree. The School accept excellent undergraduates by recommendation and exemption from the entrance exam to study for Master Degree. The excellent graduate students seeking for Master Degree with Master Degree with great potential may apply to begin their doctoral program ahead of schedule. The M.E. degree requires a minimum of 40 credits of approved coursework and a research thesis.

There are two level 1 subjects and 5 level 2 subjects approved by the State Academic degree committee. All level 1 and level 2 subjects are authorized to confer Master Degree.

Level 1 Subject:
Information & Communication Engineering     Program code:  0810
Electronic Science & Technology                     Program Code: 0809

Level 2 Subject:
Communications and Information System  (key subject)  081001
Signal and Information Processing (key subject)              081002
Physical Electronics   080901
Circuits and System   080902
Microelectronics and Solid State Electronics      080903
Microelectronic Fields and Waves Technology   080904

Degree Awarded: Master of Engineering   Credit Requirement: 40

   Core Courses:                                                                Credits       Instructors      

Modern Information Processing  Theory    


Gang Wei

Theory of Communication Network System


Suili Feng

Theory of Advanced Electromagnetic Field


Qingxin Chu

RF Circuit Analysis and Design          


Binjie Hu

Antennas for Mobile Communication        


Fengzhang Xue

A Wavelet Tour of Signal Processing        


Ruixiang Yin

Digital System EDA and SOC              


Xiangmin Xu

Modern coding theories and Technologies    


Yiqin Lu

Secutity of Information and Communication Networks


Zhiheng Zhou

Pattern Recognition Principles              


Lihong Ma

Adaptive Signal Processing            


Yuli Fu

Wireless Networks



Modern Wireless Communication Technique      


Fei Ji

Machine Learning and its Application  


Lianwen Jin

Image Technology


Qian Huang

Embedded System Design


Xue Gao

Speech Signal Processing


Qianhua He

Grid Computing and Parallel Information


Jun Zhang

Computer Vision and Digital Video Processing


Jifeng Sun

Complex Networks and information Processing


Jiuchao Feng

Semiconductor Theory


Bin Li