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The School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, formerly known as the Department of Chemical Engineering, amalgamated from four universities in central-southern China during the national university system reorganization in 1952. The Chemistry Department was set up in 1960, and was renamed as the Applied Chemistry Department in 1980. In the following four decades, this program has evolved to reflect changes in society and technology. The School of Chemical Engineering was restructured from the Department of Chemical Engineering, the Department of Applied Chemistry, the Research Institute of Chemical Engineering, and the Research Institute of Environmental Engineering at SCUT in 1994, and the Department of Pharmaceutical Engineering became part of the School later. In 2002, The Department of Applied Chemistry was merged into the School of Science as the School of Chemistry. In the same year with the addition of the Department of Energy Engineering, the School was renamed as the School of Chemical and Energy Engineering, reflecting the growing need for engineers in the expanding energy sector. With the consideration for readjusting the subject construction at SCUT, the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering was established in 2008, after merging the original School of Chemical and Energy Engineering and the original School of Chemistry.

At present, there are 239 full-time faculty members and staff in the School, including 96 professors and 79 associate professors. There are 2,105 students in the School, among which 1,239 are undergraduate students and 866 are graduate students in either master’s or doctoral programs.

The School is dedicated to providing a sound undergraduate education in a balanced and broad-based field of basic chemistry, applied chemistry, chemical engineering, pharmaceutical and energy engineering, through offering innovative curricula that focuses on laboratory experience and modern teaching techniques, supported by an excellent teaching and research infrastructure.

The School is actively engaged in applied and fundamental research in basic chemistry, applied chemistry, chemical, pharmaceutical and energy engineering, supported by the national “211 project”,“985 project”, R & D funds from all levels of governments, funding agencies, and industrial partners, including the China National Hi-Tech Research and Development(863) Program, the National Major Basic Research(973) Program, the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the National Key Technologies R & D Program, etc. In 2009, the School’s external research funding reached 67 million RMB.

Over the past decades, the School has played an important role in the teaching and R&D of chemistry, chemical engineering and technology. Furthermore, the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering at SCUT has been consistently ranked among the top 8 chemical engineering departments in China, according to a number of national surveys regarding Chinese Universities.