About the School

School of Biomedical Sciences and Engineering has been build up on December in 2017,located in Guangzhou International Campus of SVCUT,which is one of the new specialized engineering colleges adopting a variety of educational resources from a number of world-class universities. To promote the frontier of life sciences and development of health industry, ourschool has established three closely linked disciplines including Biomedical Science, Biomedical Engineering and Biopharmaceutical Science. We focus on mainstream frontier research field, including Biomaterials, Nano-medicine and Nano-DDS, Biomedical Imaging and Molecular Imaging, Stem Cell and Tissue Engineering, Tumor Biology, Biopharmaceutical Science and Pharmaceutical Engineering, System Biology, Single-Cell Biology, Genome Medicine, Immunologyand Immune Engineering, Biomedical Big Data and Precision Medicine, to achieve the fundamental, promising, strategic breakthroughs.

The New School Building

The Inside of the New School Building

Our school will collaborate with a few top universities to establish internationalized education system and to explore the novel model of cooperative, international education and research. We have collaborated and devoted to establish theplatform for international education, scientific research and industrialization. Driven by the forward-looking scientific research, we have set up characteristic multi-discipline system and base for talents cultivation and academic communication, to enhance advanced medical technology innovation and medical devices development, to achieve breakthroughs in pivotal technologies, to establish rapid translational system for applied achievements,and to support and lead the development of national and local human health industry.