Notice of the 2018 Symposium on Biomedical Materials

In order to further promote the research of biomedical materials, share the latest research progress of biomedical materials and enhance the exchanges and cooperation among scholars in related fields, the Institute of Biomedical Science and Engineering of South China University of Technology is planning to hold the Symposium on Biomedical Materials 2018 on December 3, to give a thematic report on the latest research progress in the field of biomedical materials, and to cooperate with other scholars in this field. The majority of teachers and students carry out academic exchanges.

The expert reports of the seminar are as follows:

Report expert

Report topics


Professor Frederik Wurm

Function and beauty: transforming biopolymer-motifs into synthetic functional materials


Professor Wu Si

Photoresponsive Polymers


Professor Zhao Junpeng

Ring-Opening Polymerization and Copolymerization of Epoxides by Metal-Free Catalysts


Professor Wang Yucai

Intravital Microscopy Observatoin of Nano-Biointerfaces


Professor Yuan Youyong

Photosensitizers with Aggregation-Induced Emission Characteristic for Cancer Cell Imaging and Therapy


Professor Xiong Menghua

Biodegradable Polymers for the Treatment of Bacterial Infectious Disease

Meeting time: Monday, 3 December 2018, 9:00

Venue: Conference Room 318, B12 Floor, University Town, South China University of Technology

College of Biomedical Sciences and Engineering

November 15, 2018