Notice on Laboratory-level Safety Training


In order to implement the mechanism of laboratory safety access, improve freshmen's laboratory safety awareness and ability to deal with sudden safety accidents, prevent laboratory safety accidents, and ensure the safety of teachers and students'lives and property, according to the Provisions on Laboratory Safety Management of South China University of Technology (Trial Implementation) (South China Institute of Technology [2018] 5), students must obtain the reality of school, college and planned entry before entering the laboratory. Laboratory three-level safety training and pass the examination to obtain a certificate, signed the Laboratory Safety Commitment before access to the laboratory.

At present, training and examination at school and college level have been completed. Teams are requested to implement safety training at laboratory level. Specifically as follows:

1. The person in charge of laboratory safety shall designate a special person to carry out laboratory-level training for the laboratory personnel.

2. Laboratory-level trainees should include all those who intend to enter the laboratory, mainly undergraduates, postgraduates and doctoral students.

3. Laboratory-level training includes, but is not limited to, the safety regulations of the laboratory, the hazards existing in the laboratory, the instruments and equipment, the operating rules of the laboratory, the protective measures and emergency disposal, and the risk assessment of high-risk experiments (see Annex 1 for the reference template). There is no limit to the form of training. It can be trained separately or by several teams together. It can also be trained by the head of laboratory safety or by experts from other units.

4. Laboratory-level training should be completed by November 17. After the training, the instructor, trainee and trainee fill in the Laboratory Training Record Form (Annex 2) and hand it to the B12-403 office. The person in charge of the laboratory shall sign and confirm the corresponding location of the safety education registration card in the Laboratory Safety Manual, and the safety administrator of the laboratory shall submit it it to the College for archival reference.

  All the above materials are sent to: B12-403 Office, University Town Campus, Li Chenying, 020-39380917

College of Biomedical Sciences and Engineering

October 26, 2018

Annex 1: Risk Assessment Form for High Risk Experiments.docx

Annex 2: Laboratory-level Safety Training Records.docx