u_LIDAR Automatic Surveying and Mapping System
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u_LIDAR Automatic Surveying and Mapping System

                                                                                                                             The lab research and develop u_LIDAR automatic surveying and mapping system, which is composed of small UAV system, laser scanning nacelle and ground monitoring stations and mapping subsystem, with laser scanning nacelle containing a small laser scanner, HD camera, high precision Gyro measurement system and data link transmission module. u_LIDAR is the smallest automatic laser scanning system of surveying and mapping, and it research is supported by Scientific Instruments Development Program of NSFC [6152780101].
1. The system is light and has a compact design, only 2.5 kg, can be installed on all kinds of UAV flexibly;
2. Battery power 5300mah 3S, enduring 40min+;
3. Integrated with high precision and adjustable speed 3D scanner: scanning distance100m+, precision±3cm(typical),fast data collecting speed,80000 scanning pot per second (90°scanning angle)
4. Integrated with high precision IMU, which precision can reach 0.1°(rolling, pitch) and 0.3°(yaw)
5. Integrated with NovAtel OEM628 GNSS, support multi-system(GPS,GLONASS,MPASS), differential positioning accuracy is high up to ±1cm;
6. Integrated with 2 million pixels high speed camera, wide angle 170°;
7. Using high bandwidth data link to realize long-range control and data acquisition.