Short course on Robotics and Automation Dynamics, Modeling, and Control
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Short course on Robotics and Automation Dynamics,

Modeling, and Control


Course Schedule: From June 15th to June 19th,2015


Teacher : LEWIS, FRANK L., Ph.D.

  • Member, National Academy of Inventors

  • Professional Engineer, State of Texas

  • Chartered Engineer, U.K. Engineering Council

  • Fellow, International Federation of Automatic Control (IFAC)

  • Fellow, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)

  • Fellow, Institute of Measurement and Control, U.K.

  • University Distinguished Scholar Professor, UTA

  • University Distinguished Teaching Professor, UTA

  • Moncrief-O'Donnell Chair, Professor of Electrical Engineering, UTA

  • Head, Advanced Controls and Sensors Group, UTA Research Institute

  • Editor, Taylor & Francis Book Series on Automation & Control Engineering

  • Editor, Trans. Inst. Measurement and Control, Great Britain

  • Deputy Editor-in-Chief, J. Control Theory & Applications, South China Univ. Tech.

Course Overview:

      The short course will cover basic principles of robots and autonomous systems, including robot manipulators, unmanned ground vehicles (UGV), and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV).Robot modeling and dynamics equations are presented and robot kinematics and Jacobians.The fundamentals of computed torque control are given, as well as adaptive and robust control.Extensions are made to force control and robots with link flexibility and motor dynamics.

       The dynamic equations of UGV are covered, along with potential field path planning and control.Quadrotor UAVarestudied, including dynamics modeling and nonlinear control schemes.Fixedwing UAV arestudied, including dynamics and several control methods.


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