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The research at the school of Automation Science and Engineering covers a wide scope of areas including automatic control, robotics and mechatronics, industrial networking, machine vision and intelligent systems, signal and information. We host several research institutes to support the high level research as well as achievement exchange, among them are the “Key Laboratory of Autonomous Systems and Network Control” and “Engineering Research Center of Precision Electronic Manufacturing Equipments”, Ministry of Education. The diversity of the research plus a systems level approach, plus close ties with industry, all working together to yield relevant and timely research is the formula for our success.

The following is a list of the different research groups in the school of Automation Science and Engineering, please click on each link for more information.

1. Real-time control based on network and bus
2. Intelligent system and automation equipment
3. Intelligent detection and intelligent control
4. Motion control and real-time information processing
5. Real-time control and embedded system design
6. Complex system analysis and integration
7. Fundamental theories in control
8. Pattern recognition and intelligent systems
9. Brain computer interfaces and brain information processing