AU Lecture - Research on Digital Ophthalmic Image
time: 2018-03-31

   On March 30, the academic lecture of AU organized by the School of Automation Science and Engineering was held in the conference room 131 of Building 4. The topic of this lecture was Research on Digital Ophthalmic Image. Prof. Liu Jiang, Dr. Xu Yanwu were invited as the major guests. The lecture was chaired by Prof. Yu Zhuliang.

   Before the lecture, Prof. Yu gave a brief introduction to Prof. Liu and Dr. Xu. First of all, Prof. Liu mainly introduced the team's ophthalmic imaging research work with many world-wide ophthalmologists over the years and then shared the intelligent image processing technology developed by the team. He detailed the diagnosis of ophthalmic diseases based on image analysis, robot-assisted intelligent image-guided ophthalmic surgery, biometric authentication of retina images, and a new direction of ophthalmological medical bioinformatics combined with genome, image, and text analysis. Secondly, Dr. Xu introduced the research motives, significance, and status quo of ophthalmic medical imaging. He said that low-cost automated screening systems could greatly help patients and help rationalize the use of limited medical resources.

   What an interesting and interactive lecture!