AU Lecture - Seminar by Professor Frank L. Lewis of the University of Texas
time: 2018-01-05

  On January 4, the academic lecture of AU organized by the School of Automation Science and Engineering was held on the sixth floor conference room of Building 3. The topic of this lecture was Enhanced Learning Structure for Real-time Optimal Control and Differential Graphical Games and Its Applications in HRI and Industrial Process Control. Prof. Frank. L. Lewis from National Academy of Inventors was invited as the major guest. The lecture was chaired by Prof. Pei Hailong. 

  Before the lecture, Prof. Pei gave a brief introduction to Prof. Frank L. Lewis. At the very beginning, Prof. Frank L. Lewis introduced a new feedback control structure which was used to solve the online learning optimal control problems and multi-player differential game problems. Then he introduced a technique called Integral Reinforcement Learning (IRL) to develop reinforcement learning methods that do not require knowledge of system dynamics. The new method has been applied in human-computer interaction and achieved some success. Finally, Prof. Frank L. Lewis showed us some applications of the method.

  In the lecture, students showed great interest and they deeply felt the charm of science and technology and learned a lot from this lecture.