AU Lecture - Model-free Adaptive Control Technology
time: 2017-12-12

  On December 11, the academic lecture of AU organized by the School of Automation Science and Engineering was held on the sixth floor conference room of Building 3. The topic of this lecture was Model-free Adaptive Control Technology and Prof. Hou Zhongsheng was invited to this issue as the major guest. 

  Prof. Hou firstly explained to the audience the idea of establishing a mathematical model of a controlled system as the basis for the application of modern control theory. Then he showed a new method to realize automatic control—Model-free adaptive control (MFAC). This method did not need to establish a realistic model and it got rid of the dependence of the control system design on the system model. Finally, Prof. Hou explained the principle of MFAC, theoretical basis, and its corresponding application and future development, which would make us recognize a new direction of development in the field of control.

  In the lecture, the audiences showed great interest and we believed that they could benefit a lot through this lecture and stimulate enthusiasm for scientific research.