AU Lecture -A Systematic View of Energy Sustainability
time: 2017-12-06

  On December 5, the academic lecture of AU organized by the School of Automation Science and Engineering was held on the sixth floor conference room of Building 3. The topic of this lecture was A Systematic View of Energy Sustainability. Prof. Yang Zaiyue from South University of Science and Technology of China was invited as the major guest. The lecture was chaired by Prof. Yu Zhuliang. 

  Before the lecture, Prof. Yu gave a brief introduction to Prof. Yang. At the very beginning, Prof. Yang introduced the circumstances that the sustainable development of energy had become an urgent requirement of all countries in the world because of the shortage of energy and the worsening global warming. This made it necessary to use renewable energy, electric vehicles and interactive terminals. Secondly, he talked about three topics from the perspective of system, including Demand-side response, power transmission and deregulation of the electricity market, which were recognized as the iconic element of smart grid technology. Finally, Prof. Yang introduced the main applications of these technologies in the field of energy sustainable development.

  In the lecture, the audiences showed great interest and we believed that they could benefit a lot through this lecture and stimulate enthusiasm for scientific research.