AU Lecture - Problems and Applications of Visual SLAM
time: 2017-05-08

    On May 6, academic lecture of AU organized by the School of Automation Science and Engineering was held on the sixth floor conference room of Building 3.The topic of this lecture was Problems and Applications of Visual SLAM. Dr. Gao Xiang, from Tsinghua University, was invited to this issue as the major guest. The lecture was chaired by Prof. Liu Fuchun.

    Before the lecture, Prof. Liu gave a brief introduction to Dr. Gao and his main research area –robotic visual simultaneous localization and mapping, where Dr. Gao has made some achievement. In the lecture, firstly, Dr. Gao introduced the module and core algorithm of visual SLAM system, including the approach based on visual odometry, nonlinear optimization , circle detection and 3D reconstruction. What’s more, by analyzing open source programs, he also introduced some practical cases and discussed the possible development way. In addition, Dr. Gao recommended his new book, which talks about the theory and practice of visual SLAM, to audiences. Finally, Dr. Gao answered the questions patiently and detailedly. Many audiences showed interest in this lecture, so there were no empty seats even though in Saturday.

    Attracted by the young doctor, students not only learned more about visual SLAM, but also strengthened their enthusiasm for doing research. We believed that those who were interested in visual SLAM have really benefited a lot in this lecture!