Big Data Analytics – Innovation and Practices
time: 2015-05-04

Speaker:Professor Longbing Cao

Venue:the sixth floor conference room of Building 3.
Time: 3:30pm., May 5, 2015


While big data has no set definition, the increasingly bigger data is driving better scientific and technological innovation and practices that are more closely relevant to data-rich and -driven disciplines, industries, and domains. In this talk, a brief outline is given about the challenges and opportunities triggered by bigger data for better innovation in big data analytics, in particular, non-iidness learning which considers the coupling relationships and heterogeneity in complex data; several showcases will introduce big data analytics practices in Australia in different domains, including public sector, banking, education, capital market, and transport.

About the speaker:

Longbing Cao is a professor of information technology at the Faculty of Engineering and IT, University of Technology Sydney, Australia; and the founding Director of the university’s research institute: Advanced Analytics Institute. AAI is recognized as the first and largest research group in Australia designed and dedicated to big data analytics, having broad collaborations with many major local and international organizations. In the first big data paper issued by the Australian federal government, AAI is the only research group in Australia specially mentioned.