Observation and Control of Some Distributed Parameter Systems
time: 2014-06-20
Speaker: Cheng-Zhong Xu
Venue: Building No.3
Time: 15:00 am, June 9, 2014
We consider a rotating body-beam system composed of a flexible beam embedded upright in the rotating disc. We assume that the moment force is measured on the embedded end. First an observer is constructed to recover the trajectory of the whole infinite-dimensional system. As the infinite-dimensional state is not available, we like to apply the so-called separation principle in automatic control. It is meant that we consider a stabilizing state feedback torque control law by using the estimated state given by the observer. The question is to know if the closed-loop system is stabilized. Numerical simulations are carried out to investigate stabilizability of such a closed-loop configuration : stabilizing state feedback control law and converging observer in series connection.
  The second part of the talk is concerned with the control of cystallization process described by a nonlinear hyper-bolic partial differential equation. The state of the system is the density function of crystal size distribution. Given a desired state - a crystal size distribution, we like to know if it is reachable from null initial condition by using the temperature control only. If yes, an algorithm is proposed to find a control law steering the system to the
desired state.
About the speaker:
Dr. Cheng-Zhong Xu is professor in the department of Electrical Engineering and Processes, University of Lyon, France. His main interests of research include observation and control of distributed parameter systems governed by partial differential equations and their applications to chemical engineering processes. From 1991 to 2011 he has worked as research officer in the INRIA (Institut National de Recherche on Informatique et on Automatique, France) on the observation and stabilization of infinite-dimensional vibrating systems. Since 2002 he has integratedUniversity Lyon 1 as professor in automatic control and teaches control theory for master students. He has supervised numerous PhD students and published eighty papers and communications for international journals and conferences. During 1995-1998 he was associated editor for the international journal IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, and since 2011 has been nominated as associated editor on the editorial board of the SIAM Journal on Control and Optimization.