Lecture news: Associate Professor LI Ling-Hin from the School of Architecture of HongKong University
time: 2017-05-24

On May 8, 2017, Associate Professor LI Ling-Hin, Vice Dean of School of Architecture, University of HongKong, was invited to South China University of Technology for academic exchanges and a one-week lecture-program.

On the afternoon of May 8th, Prof. LI introduced the policy of Hong Kong's real estate market and land to the attendees, and discussed the new development of the land system, the land supply mode, the post-reunification system, the role of the government in the market. The close relationship between the land system and the real estate market in Hong Kong is particularly relevant to the planning changes in the urban renewal of Hong Kong. It is closely related to the challenges encountered in China's urban planning, which has aroused the enthusiastic discussion of teachers and students.

Direct to the weakness in theoretical method, Prof. LI made a special teaching of training camp on research methods in social science which included two parts--theory and practice. In the theoretical part, Professor LI explained the methodology of social science research in details through various cases of hypothesis, research design, data collection method, questionnaire design, data analysis and so on. In the practice exercise part, combined with the theoretical study, Prof. LI gave the grade 4 undergraduates, majoring urban planning, further guidance of research design, research development and difficult issues and other aspects, according to their social practice research reports.

Finally, Prof. LI gave a public speech entitledUrban design and the culture of active community--the case study of HongKong . It was suggested that a good public space design in community would promote the social activities.