Lecture from Prof. Tang Gim Lee (May 11, 2017)
time: 2017-05-05

Title:Design Innovation and Creativity

Speaker:  Prof. Tang Gim Lee

Guest: Prof. Yiqiang Xiao

Time:  Thursday, May 11, 2017, 14:30

Venue: The first floor, multimedia classroom of Building No.6


Brief introduction of the speaker:

For 40 years,Professor Tang Gim Lee is Professor of Architecture at the University of Calgary. He was former chairman of the department, associate dean and acting dean,and is supervisor for over 40 PhD students and 150 master's students.  His is one of Canada's solar pioneers with his first 100% solar house in 1975 and apartment in 1976. He is the technical advisor to 52 solar houses that use seasonal heat storage where the solar heat captured in the summer is used in the winter. Professor Lee is the inventor of the earth tube whereby the earth warms air in the winter and yet can also cools the air in the summer. Professor Lee is currently developing a technology to clean air pollution in China. In 2015,he spent 6-months at SCUT sponsored by State Key Laboratory of Subtropical Building  Science.