Our school celebrated the New Year's arrival
time: 2017-01-05

On December 30, 2016, a New Year’s party of School of Architecture on the theme of Flow Flame was held at the International Lecture Hall, Liwu Building of Science and Technology. Teachers and students of School of Architecture, South China University of Technology, gathered together celebrating the coming New Year. School executive vice dean Prof. SUN Yimin, academician WU Shuoxian, vice dean Prof. MENG Qinglin and vice dean Prof. XIAO Yiqiang, Party leaders SI Jumin and LUO Lihong, teachers, alumni, and business representatives attended the party. Prof. SUN Yimin summarized the past year of 2016 and made good wishes to the year of 2017.

Our versatile students put on wonderful performances in the form of dancing, singing, instrumental performance etc, leaving a deep impression on the audience. The teachers’ participation was another highlight of the performances. The song “Applause Sounded” from Prof. SUN Yimin, Prof. MENG Qinglin and Prof. XIAO Yiqiang, Party leaders SI Jumin and LUO Lihong, the live calligraphy from Prof. WU Shuoxian, the recitation from teacher representatives of department of urban planning and a song from school office members, brought warmth and moved everyone. The whole party was so wonderful that leaved a beautiful memory that would never fade.