Lecture from Prof. SONG Yan (Dec. 24)
time: 2016-12-19

Title: How to apply urban planning evaluation to contributing to scientificity of planning--international case studies and research latest situation

Speaker: Prof. SONG Yan (Department of City and Regional Planning, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Director, Program on Chinese Cities)

Dr. Song's research interests includes low carbon and green cities, plan  evaluation, land use development and regulations, spatial analysis of  urban spatial structure and urban form, land use and transportation  integration, and how to accommodate research in above fields by using  planning supporting systems such as GIS and other computer-aided  planning tools.

Time: Saturday, Dec. 24, 2016, 15:00--15:30.

Venue: The first floor, meeting room of Number 6 building, School of Architecture,  SCUT.

Organizer:  School of Architecture, SCUT.