Introduction of Department of Landscape Architecture
time: 2018-12-29

Teaching and research in landscape architecture at the South China University of Technology, Guangzhou, is rooted in the rich cultural heritage of the Canton Region and the vast water born landscape of the Pearl River Delta. Here Chinese landscape design continually met influences from abroad, yet adopted the art and craft of design to the regions typical natural processes that are related to climate, abundance of water and challenging topography. Extensive growth in urban population has provided additional challenges to landscape architects.

The Department of Landscape Architecture, School of Architecture,South China University of Technology,SCUT-LA, was found in Jan. 2014, but the university has a long history in the education, research and practice of landscape architecture. In 1948, Course of Garden Design was offered by the Department of Architecture. Since then, our professors dedicated to research of Lingnan Garden in the Pearl River Delta, and Chinese landscape building, hard landscape, and so on.

Now, the SCUT-LA have the whole the programs in the landscape architecture education. We can provide the degrees and programs such as: 5 years Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (BLA) Program, 3-5 years Master of Philosophyin Landscape Architecture Program (MPLA),3 years Master of Landscape Architecture (MLA, full time) Program, 3-5 years Master of Landscape Architecture (MLA, part time) Program, 3-6 years Doctor of Philosophy in Landscape Architecture Program (Ph.D.LA), and 1-2 years Postdoctoral Program in Landscape Architecture (PPLA).

There are about 27 standing faculties in the SCUT-LA.In 2016, the department has enrolled 37 BLA students, 13 MPLA students, 12 MLA (full time) students, 38 MLA (part time) students, and 4 Ph.D.LA students. In total, there are 174 BLA students, 34 MPLA students, 32 MLA (full time) students, and 27 Ph.D.LA students in the department now.

Every year, about one third BLA students would like to study in the master of landscape architecture programs at the oversee. They arewelcome by these famous universities such as University of Pennsylvania, University of Washington, Rhode Island School ofDesign, Pennsylvania State University, Technische Universiteit Delft, University of Toronto, University of Edinburgh.

We believe that landscape research plays an important role in landscapearchitecture discipline. A wide range of research areas are 1) Landscape History, Culture and Conservation, 2) Landscape Planning, Design and Theory, 3) Landscape Science and Technology, 4) Architecture as Landscape. In 2013,Guangzhou Municipal key Laboratory of Landscape Architecturein our department was founded and supported by the local government. On the other hand, State key Laboratory of Subtropical Building Science founded in 2007 and supported by the Chinese central government every year have also a lot of outlay for landscape architecture research.





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