School of Architecture held the First Spring Alumni Sodality
time: 2015-07-27

On February 20, 2009, the School of Architecture held the first Spring Festival gathering of alumni association. The academician Prof. He, head of SCUT public relations, and senior administrator  of the School of Architecture and more than 30 alumni from the Zhujiang Delta area gathered to mark the Chinese New Year and to discuss the future development of the University.
In the colloquium, Prof. He Jingtang delivered a speech. In his address, Prof. He indicated that alumni are important recourse (resource?) and wealth. Various kinds of collaboration between SCUT and the alumni have improved economic performance and social performance and played an important role in Industry-Study-Research collaboration and promoting employment of graduates.  Prof. He appreciated the hard work of the alumni on behalf of School of Architecture and hoped they would continue to extend their minds and strengthen their advantages to contribute to the development of the school.  During the colloquium, alumni took the floor one after another and gave some suggestions for the long-term development of SCUT and the next working plan of the alumni association of the School of Architecture.  Schoolfellows visited the Architectural Design and Research Institute、The State Key Laboratory of Subtropical Building Science
after the colloquium.
The gathering was intended to enhance the connection between the School and alumni. Currently, a contact information database of alumni has been established in order to make communication with the School convenient for the alumni.  We hope they can keep in touch with school by various methods to support the future development of the University and the School of Architecture.