Gathering of 1956 Alumni from SCUT Architecture School
time: 2015-07-27

Forty-eight years just went by fast. On the occasion of 60th National Day around the corner, 1956 alumni of Architecture School returned to their Alma Mater to attend the 48th graduation anniversary in Xi Hu Yuan hotel on Sep.28, where they expressed the blessing and gratefulness to their alma master and recalled the wonderful days 48 years back and shared their experiences in their growth and career development.
. Chairman WANG Yingjun, President LI Yuanyuan, ex-leaders PANG Zheng and LIU Shudao, leaders of School of Architecture, and teachers who had taught 1956 alumni were in attendance, and the ceremony was hosted by member academician HE Jingtang.

In the ceremony, Chairman Wang extended the warmest welcome to alumni. She indicated that 1956 alumni had made great achievements in architecture filed, just as member academician HE Jingtang who had won reputation all around the world and at the same time had made outstanding contributions to the development of SCUT, just like educational entrepreneur CAI Jianzhong who donated 10 million to build Liwu Science Building and architect PENG Jiwen who established the foundation for “Peng Scholarship”.

President LI Yuanyuan addressed all the alumni “brothers and sisters” in the speech which instantly get all the attendants closely connected. He introduced SCUT’s development in recent years in terms of discipline construction, faculty construction and facility construction and appreciated alumni’s services to SCUT.

Alumnus CAI Jianzhong also gave an address on behalf of 1956 alumni to extent their gratitude. He sincerely hoped that all of them could carry on the class tradition which is “help each other”, “support each other”, “trust each other” and “respect each other”.

48 years ago, 70 1956 alumni started their brandy new life the moment they stepped on the Architecture Teaching building, called the “Red Building”. At last, 45 students graduated in 1961 because some of them quitted for some reason and left in the middle. Until now, their lives are full of ups and downs by experiencing Culture Revolution and prosperous days brought by reform and opening-up. No matter under good or bad circumstances, they insist in supporting each other, fighting in spite of reverses and strive for reputation and dignity. Ultimately, a great many celebrities came from 1956 alumni, who promote the development of SCUT and what’s more importantly whose spirit cast all the SCUT students tremendous inspiration.