CEO of Shenzhen A+E Design Co.,Ltd, ZHOU Dongliang and Chief Architect of Shenzhen A+E Design Co.,Ltd, MA Xusheng Visited School of Architecture.
time: 2015-07-27

On Oct.26, alumnus ZHOU Dongliang, CEO of Shenzhen A+E Design Co.,Ltd, and alumnus MA Xusheng, chief architect of Shenzhen A+E Design Co.,Ltd, conducted a visit to School of Architecture. They were warmly welcome by the First Secretary LIAN Weijie, Deputy Dean SUN Yimin, and other leaders of the department.
Mr. Zhou and Mr. Peng aimed to sponsor education and research works of School of Architecture by promoting the current “PengShi scholarship”. After initial discussion, they came to a conclusion to change name of “PengShi scholarship” to “PengShi-A+E Architecture Prize”, increase the original amount of the fund and enhance the number of awarded students. In order to encourage graduate student take an active part in research work and to promote the integration of production, teaching and research, Shenzhen A+E Design Co.,Ltd planed to establish “A+E Architecture Science and Technology Cooperation Project”, providing financial support to the students and their supervisor to carry out the projects they applied.
The appointed staff of School Architecture will take the responsibility to draw up a proposal with specific rules and hand it over to Shenzhen A+E Design Co.Ltd to decide the final version.