Schoolfellows gathered in the Red Building to recall the memory
time: 2015-07-27

On Apr. 29, 30 schoolfellows in grade of 1977 and 1978 from School of Architecture, with successful joy, memories for the university, the tutors and classmates, gathered in the Red Building for answering the call of returning to the alma mater for the 30 anniversary ceremony.
  The meeting in the afternoon was warm and touching. The Party Secretary, Mr. Lian Weijie sent welcome and best wishes to the schoolfellows as representative of the whole school. The Deputy Dean, Prof. Sun Yimin introduced the development and the achievement of the school in the recent years. He mentioned that the school is the platform, the family, the root for all the schoolfellows, and the graduated students are the most valuable support and fortunes for the society. He hoped that all the schoolfellows will frequently pay visits to the school and give more suggestions for the future development.
  After the meeting, the schoolfellows sent flowers and best wishes  to the retired tutors. They took a group photo with academic dress together with the leaders and tutors of the school.
  The students who entered the school in the 1977 and 1978 were the first group who attended the national entrance examination of the university after the Cultural Revolution. They were the evidence of the reform and the opening-up policy. There were more than 30 schoolfellows and 18 retired tutors coming back for the activity. They shared memories, reminded the old time and discussed the development of the school. It became a special scenery of the university. The ceremony provided a good opportunity for the schoolfellows to understand the present situation of the school and strengthen the contacting between them and the school. (Shen Qian, Chen Ying / Photo: Li Zhiqiang)