Student Mien: he Introduction Of Song Huaxia
time: 2015-07-27

Song Huaxia, female, is a student in the School of Architecture, enrolling in 2004. She is a CPC member, and an excellent student with first-class scholarship and national scholarship. In 2007 and 2008, she won the SCUT "study pacesetter" prize. After graduation, she will make a choice between University of Notre Dame and University of Pennsylvania.
I was the first rookie that Song Huaxia contacted with, and the coincidence was that Song Huaxia was the first elder that I saw.
As a elite with great life plan, Song made a decision of her campus life, so that she got a preeminence degree. Beside her professional study, she took a positive part in lots of activities and joined the student union of the school. She held the position of chairman in handwriting association and the piano accompanist of the school choir. Without all these, there was nearly no memory about amusement and rest.
Song started learning English as a minor when she was in sophomore year. She got the initiative so she passed TOFEL and GRE exam without too many efforts..
As for professional course, Song' held that the transition between grade 3 and grade 4 was important. "The teacher's request at this time will be significantly improved, and can also find the creation of the past that often couldn't stand on the foot." She said. At this time, a summary and thinking of the past and the future is particularly important .Life planning capability always could be an important criterion to identify whether one is an elite or not.
"Song Huaxia's keyword is aggressive rather than excellent." This is the conclusion from the writer, and when Song heard this parlance, she just gave a smile for response. "I just want to be better." Song said. Song spend the maximize time and effort to improve herself so that she can cheer up herself.
The writer felt that Song is different from other elites, because she is not forceful. This is a truth. Her cheerful, easy-going flowed out, so did the reliable and peaceful. "Given twice the talent is to pay four times as hard". I think this is the portrayal of senior Song.
About the life style of 27 that we should have, in fact, is a common theme.
The most common parlance is that 27 people always be tied up by 27 and go away from themselves, but I think life in 27 is monotonous, and people in 27 are living in thousands of sensations. There're always some elites who are able to coordinate with a variety of attitude.
Song chooses a right way that she devotes herself into the study, and achieves the cheerful and value of life from the process of struggle. But the focus is that she was not addicted in the life, she kept her heart out of the process.