Beginning of The 2009’s Architecture Culture Festival
time: 2015-07-27

On the afternoon of October 29th, a great number of teachers and students of School of Architecture got together in the YIFU square, holding the opening ceremony of the 2009’s Architecture Culture Festival with great enthusiasm.
In order to respond to the title of energy conservation and environment protection, the ceremony had a great start by a competition of building the books. As the books are the most intimate friends of all students, how to find out the latent ideology of books attracted students to take apart in the match. There are 41 teams taking a great array at the square, then they constructed in full swing. They caught hold of all elements that could be used, such as structure, pattern, texture, outline, etc, to express the thought of them. After two hours of work, all plans were be set up well. At last, the raters and audiences passed a fair judgment to all plans, and selected a first prize, three second prizes, two third prizes and a prize for the most popular one.
It is learned that Architectural Culture Festival has a prologue with a competition of building books, and a conclude with a party of New Year's Day. The grand ceremony is made up of three parts that conclude thirteen activities, relating to culture, art, sports, voluntary services, etc. It has been about 12 years since the setting up of the ceremony in 1997. The creation of the activities attracted lots of students here and there. The Architecture Culture Festival won the first prize of the South China University of Technology Campus Culture.