The Lecture About Retrospection Of Xia Changshi
time: 2015-07-27

For the SCUT Architecture ster, this will be a season of extraordinary significance.2009 Shenzhen and Hong Kong Architecture Biennale, retrospection of Xia Chang Shi and competition of construction will be set on stage this season. As an overture of the architecture feast, and in order to narrow the gap between today's students of SOA and previous generation master. On the evening of September 10, the cathedra was held by Professor Xiao Yiqiang and Feng Jiang in the 27th teaching building, whose was retrospection of Xia Changshi. The classroom is packed with students.
Professor Xia Changshi (1905-1996) is a well-known architect, architectural educator, landscape scientist, and a pioneer of modern Lingnan architecture creation. He made a great contribution to China Building Academy, Architectural Education and the SOA of SCUT's development, with coeval professor Chen Boqi and Long Qingzhong. To help students more clearly understand the Xia and the Lingnan Architecture, Professor Xiao talked about the predecessor of SOA of SCUT---Xiangqing University, the creation and development of the department of architectural engineering and the evolution of modern architecture education. Mr. Xiao introduced Chen Boqi, Xia Changshi, and Long Qingzhong 's lifetime and contribution. From Mr. Xia's writing "Garden State” and Cultural Park Aquatic Center, the cathedra went on with a rich and exciting intellectual content, and audience are all deeply immersed in his lecture.
Teacher Feng focused on the practice of the South architectural. He made an in-depth analysis of a series of architectural works by displaying and analyzing the Fisheries Museum, SCUT library, Zhongshan Medical Teaching Building and other buildings. He described technical approach, creative thinking and architectural character, and made a summary of economic conditions, technical rationality, spirit of geometry in the landscape, climate and space in modern performance in this topic. The active teaching and profound wisdom of Mr. Xia deeply impressed and won admiration of the students.
Mr. Xia's creation of architecture and the thought of architecture education is an important wealth. To inherit and develop this spirit is our important mission.