The postgraduate students of our school won the first prize in the international acoustical design competition
time: 2015-07-27

The international acoustic congress was held in the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, May 13th-18th, 2012. The congress is jointly hosted by Acoustical Society of America, Acoustic Society of China, West Pacific Acoustic Committee and Hong Kong institute of Acoustics. More than 1500 delegates from 41 countries attended the congress.
  The Acoustical Society of America Student Design Competition 2012, supported by the Robert Bradford Newman Student Award Fund and the National Council of Acoustical Consultants and sponsored by The Technical Committee on Architectural Acoustics, was held together with the international congress. The work designed by architectural acoustics postgraduate students Liu Yiyi, Pan Lili, Wang Yunyong of the school of architecture of our school has won the only one first prize in the international competition. Their advisor is Prof. Zhao Yuezhe.
  The competition requires participants to design a mixed use building planned for the Mong Kok district of Hong Kong and emphasize the general building acoustics design. The submitted design works are judged by a panel of practicing design professionals including acoustics consultants, architects and theater consultants. The winners are divided as one First Honor and four Commendations. The work submitted by the school of architecture has won the first honor and the other four commendations won by Chalmers University of Technology (submit two works), Tokyo Institute of Technology & Shibaura Institute of Technology, and University of Kansas respectively.
  This competition is held once a year, and mainly opens to undergraduate and graduate students in the disciplines of Architecture, Engineering, Physics and other curriculums that involve building design and/or acoustics all over the world. This competition is intended to encourage students to apply their knowledge of architectural acoustics and noise control on the design of a facility in which acoustical considerations are of significant importance. So far, this competition has successfully organized 12 times. The good result obtained by the school of architecture of South China University of Technology, promotes China’s influence on the architecture acoustics circles of the world.(by Li Nan)