From here we sailing—2013 Welcome Party of Architecture College
time: 2015-07-27

On the October days in south china, the trees reflected in the quite water are dancing. On the October days in SCUT, the landscape of School of Architecture is beyond compare. October 20th, the Welcome Party for 2013 Architecture College freshmen is held successfully.


First part is the speech from Secretary of the Party Committee Si Jumin. He welcomed all freshmen warmly and sent his best wishes to all new members of our big family. After the passionate speech, Deputy party secretary Luo Lihong perfomed a wonderful song named Eternal friendship to show her best wishes to all.
A glare opening dance got off to a big start to the Welcome Party. Students from 13 Class Landscape gave a wonderful stage play named CRAZY MUSICIAN and gain applause and flowers from audience. Despite the wonderful performance from freshman, elder dharma brothers and sisters were unable to hold back and give their performance. The last part of the party was a song from Secretary of Youth League committee Shen Hongyu.
Joyful songs are still around our ears, cheerful drums are still in our hearts. But happy time is always so short. At 10:00pm, the welcome party ended with a beautiful song. From here we sailing to our dream tonight