Lights in Gorgeous, Creative Infinity - Remember Architecture Arts Festival 2013 Opening Ceremony and "STARY LIGHTS" Shade Design Competition
time: 2015-07-27

November 7 2:30 pm, Architecture Arts Festival 2013 Opening Ceremony and "STARY LIGHTS" Shade Design Competition at the School of Architecture, Building No.27 on the second floor platform had begun. As a building built homes Festival annual event attracted a lot of naturally attracted to attend and watch the students in each hospital. In a cheering, two freshman newcomers brought the opening dance performances, brilliant performances led to the whole atmosphere. Then the moderator introduced the participants of the School of Architecture, deputy party secretary Luo Lihong teacher, teacher Shen Hongyu Youth League secretary, deputy secretary Ling Li teacher, deputy secretary Zhao Daihong students, students union president Liu Yiyao and Shenzhen Landscape Planning and Design Institute of Arts and Technology College of Guangxi Construction Leadership guests. After teacher Luo announced officially started! First off the game is the game pass through the link. Thirty teams participating every team has got the basic material shade, the need to send two people to participate in the first floor atrium game to win other materials critical. Atrium in five games area at the same time, to be the teams lined up to support the people announced the start, various people began to tense and interesting game. We deal with it smoothly with a light heart, funny episode after another, mostly occurs when no understanding between the players. After several rounds of games into a formal design, production lampshade link. Excitedly discussing players, outlining the shadow shade in mind you may have surfaced in the minds of the players. Soon, many players have begun to pick up the tools of the crop with colorful material. Sticky mix of good parts, but also sometimes confusing, do not know exactly what kind of shape. Exciting in the last half-hour. Competition is heating up state, the majority of the team entered the stage of assembling the lampshade. Some of those materials in the hands of players like the ingenuity of spirituality in general has been converted into a variety of fantastic shade styling. Agglutination of different kinds of shade players endless inspiration and hard work, to show their own characteristics, people delight. Five o'clock bell sounded to end the game. Exciting display links to score. Competition invited Leng Tianxiang, Li Minzhi, Wang Shuo and Shen Hongyu four teachers do the judges. The teams with the order by number "Masterpiece" came to the stage, to show the judges commentary, put the bulb after checking results. Colored lights in the shade in revealing different aesthetic, we have raised cameras, mobile phones to take pictures. After the score scoring end, who announced the support team to get a two third prize. At the opening ceremony was already dark, colorful lights in the venue now truly become the protagonist. Students in the game to show the infinite creativity, exercise manual skills, enhance friendship, to narrow the distance between us, so that ordinary school life full of gorgeous color.