School of Architecture Celebrated the New Year’s Arrival
time: 2015-07-27

On the ambilight night of Dec. 27th, 2013, school of architecture held an annual party to celebrate the New Year’s coming with students’ and teachers’ singing and dancing in the first floor of international meeting hall, Liwu Building of Science and Technology. Our school leaders, Dean HE Jingtang, Party Secretary SI Jumin, Executive Vice-dean SUN Yimin, Vice Dean GUO Weihong, Vice Dean XIAO Yiqiang, Vice Party Secretary LUO Lihong and more than 600 teachers and students attended the party.
The party in the evening drew the curtain with dance show “START SHINING”. The wonderful shows, such as, enthusiastic dance, sometimes gentle and sometimes passionate instrumental music, humorous cross talk, self-directed and performed micro-video and so on, presented students’ full school lives. Normally so cautious and conscientious, teachers were also stood on the stage. The warm show “WHERE ARE DAD AND MOM” won the audience applause; the double chorus “CHOCIE” from our Party Secretary SI and LUO was so melodious that touched audience hearts, showing teachers’ versatile aspect. Teachers and students sang and danced together.
In the end of the party, dance show “2014, THIS IS ME” affected everyone’s passion. All attenders draw a satisfactory conclusion to this enjoyable and impressive night by singing and waving hands together.