The Seminar of Electricity Suppliers Remodel Entity and Experiences Rewrite the Future was Held at SCUT
time: 2015-07-27

The seminar "Electricity Suppliers Remodel Entity and Experiences Rewrite the Future", hosted by Huayang International Design Group, was held at the multimedia classroom, 2nd Floor, No.27 building, Wushan Campus, South China University of Technology at 3p.m on April 3, 2014. The speaker of the lecture is Xue Shengwei who is vice president of Huayang International Design Group. There were many people attended this speech, including the architects of Huayang International Design Group, teachers, graduate and undergraduate students of the School of Architecture.
The seminar's theme is "Electricity Suppliers Remodel Entity and Experiences Rewrite the Future". Mr. Xue shared about the development prospects of the architectural design in the electricity business environment to somebody who want to know more about Huayang Design Group, would like to understand the research design of Huayang’s architects, want to improve their professional knowledge and grasp the future development direction of buildings.
Lecture is divided into two units, academic lecture and live forum. At the first part, Mr.Xue introduced the commercial building design of traditional model; and then analyzed the impact between new forms of business and the traditional business under the environment of the development of electricity providers; at last, proposed business buildings’ promotion and improvement of design techniques and marketing models under the new situation by using not only domestic and foreign examples, but also the projects of Huayang itself. At the second part, live forum, Mr.Xue and students chatted directly, exploring commercial design, architectural design and urban planning-related issues. Students actively asked questions, graduate students asked questions of commercial design practices, students wanted to know the actual design process of the project, as well as undergraduate students raised implement of business planning and business forecasting capacity and so on. The whole atmosphere is warm, and students who asked questions could receive a reward.
Hosting this lecture made students rise the concerning of e-commerce. The face to face communication between designers and students helped students understand the actual project design process, focus on the combination between theory and practice, last but not least, better grasp the direction of future building.