Urban Planning and Design
time: 2018-12-28

Starting with the academic tradition, this programme focuses on the cultivation of the capability of engaging with practice and research. It expresses the regional characters of Canton, in terms of its social setting and sub-tropical climate. The programme combines urban planning, architecture and landscape architecture to form a type of education of multi-disciplinary advantages. Based on the integration of teaching, research and practice, the programme is formulated to promote Master’s degree education into a broad and wider dimension, with an international perspective.

Duration of Study:
Three years full-time, maximum five years (including suspension)

Major Subject Areas:
  1、City and Town Planning of Sub-tropical Area
  2、Urban Design
  3、Residential Area and Sustainable Development
  4、Theory and Method of Urban Development
  5、Development Control and Planning System
  6、Urban Regeneration and Historic Protection

Way of Education:
Master’s Degree candidate should work out a plan within four weeks after registration. According to Regulations of the Interim Examination for Master’s Degree Candidates of South China University of Technology, the candidate should obtain the required credit points, and finish the interim examination and the required social practice during the third semester.

Requirements of Credit Points
To qualify for Master’s Degree in Urban Planning and Design, the candidate should gain at least 40 credit points, among which 25 points from courses (6 points from Public Compulsory Courses, 13 points from Professional Compulsory Courses, 6 points from Professional Optional Courses), 1 point from Proposal Report, 2 points from academic communications (required of attendance of 10 academic activities, among which 2 are interdisciplinary) and 12 points from writing of the Master’s dissertation.

About the Master’s Dissertation
The Master’s Degree candidate should finish the Proposal Report during the third semester. Before examination, he should publish at least one academic paper according to related requirements. After completion of the Master dissertation, the candidate should apply for organization of examination, according to Interim Regulations of Academic Degrees of South China University of Technology and Regulations of Application of Examination for Master’s Degree of South China University of Technology.