WU, Shuoxian
time: 2018-12-29


  Native Place: Quanzhou, Fujian Province, China
  1984, Graduated from Dept. of Architecture, Tsinghua University, Ph. D. E.
  1981, Graduated from Dept. of Architecture, Tsinghua University, M. E.
  1970, Graduated from Dept. of Civil and Structural Engineering, Tsinghua University, B. E.
Present Positions:
  Member of China Academy of Sciences
  Professor of School of Architecture, South China University of Technology (SCUT)
  Director of Architectural Technology and Science Institute of SCUT
  Vice-chairman of Division of Architectural Physics of China Academy of Architecture
  Chairman of the Architectural Acoustics Professional Committee
  Architecture and Environmental Acoustics
  Prof. WU has put forward the theory and methods about the prediction, simulation and planning for urban traffic noise; elucidated the Acoustic Image Wall Concept; and educed Traffic Noise Calculating Formula for Reverberation Field. He is the first to analyze the room acoustics through linking the architecture assistant design software and acoustics software. He has brought forward the New Loudness Criterion of Concert Hall and Calculating Formula, and evaluated the room acoustics through Fuzzy Set Theory. Together with his co-worker, he has proposed the new calculating model of Simulation of Diffuse Sound Flied and ameliorated the measure method and calculating formula of Sound Energy Diffuse Coefficient of Surfaces. He has developed the environmental evaluation method system, the man's behavior model and researched on the evaluation of after-using; and established the Subjective Evaluation Theory for Built Environment. WU has been in charge of more than 55 architectures' acoustics design, published more than 100 academic papers and 7 works. His masterpiece "Room Acoustics and Environmental Acoustic" is taken as the research monograph of National Natural Science Funding.