Huayuan Maker Chen Guoqiang is listed on Forbes Asia's Under 30 Elite List


     On April 2, Forbes officially released the 2020 Forbes Asia 30 Under 30 Elites (30U30) list. This is the fifth year that the Forbes Asia team has launched the list. 300 young talents (groups) has been  selected to make the list  from more than 3,500 nomination from the Asia-Pacific region. There are 61 young leading talents in China. Chen Guoqiang, the co-founder (CTO) of Guangzhou Yinshu Technology Co., Ltd., from the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Incubation Base of South China University of Technology, was on the list. This is also the second time that Chen Guoqiang is on the list after being selected for the 2019 Forbes China 30U30.

  The selected personnel are both technological disruptors and innovators. The people on the list are creative and determined to break through all obstacles and make the world a better place-this is enough to bring us inspiration and hope (Forbes China). Audiobook Technology is just such an innovative social enterprise founded with the original intention of good public welfare. It is committed to improving the communication status of hearing and speech impaired groups through Internet + artificial intelligence technology and creating a service platform for hearing and speech impaired groups. Since its listing last year, Yinshu Technology has been on the path of rapid development: the current number of Yinshu APP users is close to 500,000, and the phone assistant function of Yinshu APP has served more than 50,000 times. It was invited to participate in the TechCrunch International Innovation Summit for the first time, which helps to show the dream of audio books.

  Chen Guoqiang is an alumni of software engineering major of South China University of Technology. His character is perseverance, motivation and self-improvement. He led the team to win the 2018 Creating Youth National Gold Award and the 5th China Internet + University Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship National Competition Silver Award and other awards. He has won the honorary titles of 2018 South China University of Technology Outstanding Graduate, 2018 Top Ten People Touching Huayuan, and 2018 Guangzhou Maker Star.

Chen Guoqiang, CTO of Audiobook Technology

  As a nonprofit entrepreneurial enterprise, Yinshu Technology has been using its own power to silently promote the development and progress of society-let love hear to be seen, and bring a share of warmth to the hearing impaired group. It is worth mentioning that during the epidemic, Yinshu Technology gave full play to its public welfare value and launched a series of public welfare measures against the epidemic:

  ·The AI barrier-free teaching program was launched for all special education schools and schools for the deaf, provided free online teaching services to more than 40 special education colleges in China, and assisted special education teachers to carry out online teaching work through artificial intelligence technology. The hearing impaired realizes Cloud Class.

  · During the epidemic, Audio book Assistant Phone feature is completely free for domestic peer groups to build up the province's accessible remote phone communication platform, benefiting ten million impaired.

  · Release the floating translation function to provide real-time translation tools for the hearing impaired to grasp the content of the epidemic news conference to help them do their daily epidemic prevention work. Launched sign language training online courses to meet the needs of special groups to learn sign language.

  · Cooperated with the China Hearing Medicine Development Foundation to hold a charity program to fight the epidemic love ear, and donated a 2-month language training gold card software course for 1000 people to the foundation to facilitate home training for the hearing impaired, so that they can’t leave. Households feel the care of society.

AI technology generates real-time subtitles to help teachers carry out online teaching

  The Yinshu Technology team entered the South China University of Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Incubation Base in 2016. In 2017, the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Incubation Base assisted it in registering and establishing Guangzhou Yinshu Technology Co., Ltd. The company uses artificial intelligence technology to help the hearing impaired realize barrier-free communication, so that the hearing impaired can see the sound and embrace the dream. At present, it has provided hundreds of millions of external auxiliary communication services with users all over the country. Product services include barrier-free communication software, speech rehabilitation software, information barrier-free solutions, intelligent captioning shorthand system, sign language services, etc., and now has more than 10 patents. Under the vision of Technology Creates a Better Life, Yinshu is building the largest service platform for hearing and speech impaired groups in China. By combining technology with human care, it creates a communication bridge between the hearing impaired and the hearing impaired, which brings the users a better life.