The School of Software Engineering Launches An Emergency Drill in the Experimental Building


To further enhance the response capacity for handling new crown epidemic emergency, good normalization epidemic prevention and control work to ensure that teachers and students' safety and health after theresume classes, at10:00, 26th,May,  our school leadership Zhong Jianhua secretary, Huang Min, deputy dean long led the laboratories, offices teachers in Bconducted emergency drills a new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control buildings.


This exercise mainly simulates the prevention and control measures for teachers and students to enter the laboratory building when they return to school. The focus is on emergency treatment for the discovery of a suspected epidemic, including temperature detection and information registration at the entrance of the laboratory building. According to the university laboratory's emergency response process of the building epidemic guides,when personnel with abnormal body temperature appear, take the second temperature measurement and the third temperature measurement of persons with abnormal body temperature to the temporary observation point, and the staff on duty report the situation to the university hospital, laboratory and equipment management office, and the university’s general duty room.


At the same time, the exercise also simulated the protection and disinfection of teachers and students before entering the computer room, the seat arrangement for experimental teaching, and the cleaning and disinfection after class.


Through this epidemic prevention emergency drill, the school’s emergency command and organization and coordination capabilities for epidemic prevention and control have been further improved, the prevention and control measures have been standardized and implemented, and the prevention and emergency response capabilities of the building’s epidemic prevention and control posts and teachers have been improved