Introduction to Software Experimental Teaching Center


The Software Experimental Teaching Center consists of theComputing Center of South China University of Technology’s Campus in Higher Education Mega Center and the Experimental Training Center of School of Software Engineering. The Computing Center is a large-scale basic teaching experimental center for the whole university and a public platform for university-level experimental teaching computing resources. It is the Computer Teaching Experimental Demonstration Center of Guangdong Province and an important part of the National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center for Liberal Arts. The Computing Center has excellently undertaken the social service work such as the recruitment of students for National College Entrance Examination, and Computer Rank Examination over the years. TheExperimental Training Center of School of Software Engineering mainly undertakes the task of innovation experiment training for undergraduate.

The Software Experimental Teaching Center currently has 19 members of staff totally. Among them, there are 1 person with senior grade professional title, 5 people with medium grade professional title, 3 doctors and 5 masters. Relying on the excellent teachers and platform advantages of the School of Software Engineering, the centerprovides comprehensive experimental teaching and scientific computing services for the teachers and students of the university, and greatly supports innovative entrepreneurship and practical teaching projects.

At present, the Software Experimental Teaching Center covers an area of nearly 2,500 square meters, with 6 large public basic laboratories and 4 specializedlaboratories for software engineering, equipped with more than 750 high-performance computers and server equipment, with a total value of more than 20 million. It can accommodate 700 students at the same time. A variety of powerful software for teaching and scientific research have been installed in each platform of the center, which can effectively meet the needs of more than 40 specialized courses in the 28 disciplines of mechanical, design, chemical engineering, such as computational experiment teaching, various management personnel training exams and students’ science and technology activities.

The public basic laboratories mainly undertake the teaching task of public computer experiment in Campus in Higher Education Mega Center and part task of the basic experimental teaching of the School of Software Engineering. They are distributed in138, 238, 236, 336, 338A, 338B, with an area of 1,700 square meters. In order to serve the specialized courses of all the schools inthe university, and to provide a full range of high-quality, accurate teaching services for the teachers and students of the university, the public basic laboratories fully support the installation of specific software for teaching and scientific research to give full play to the equipment and resources advantages of the center. At present, the center has built a cloud computing platform built by multiple high-performance servers to provide various virtual server services to each school. The cloud platformbuilt and put into use includes: the authentication server for SolidWorks of theSchool of Design; the LETS for law research system for theSchool of Law, the Opera PropertyManagement Solutionsand the human resource management system for theSchool of Economics and Trade; the electronic technology examination system for the School of Physics and Optoelectronics, etc.

The specializedlaboratories for software engineering are built by the School of Software Engineering and mainly undertakes the experimental training tasks for undergraduate of the School of Software Engineering. There are four specialized laboratories, namely the Mobile Computing & Software Laboratory (B7-133), the Big Data Computing Laboratory (B7-231 /B7-233), Digital Media Laboratory (B7-331/B7-333), and the Lab. For Network, Embedded System & Hardware (B8-107).In order to meet the needs of high-quality IT elites in the society and industry, the School of Software Engineering aims to cultivate high-quality, engineering, compound, and internationalized undergraduate students, and combines the needs of enterprises with the frontiers of scientific research, builds the above-mentioned specialized laboratories. Theygreatly complement the advantages of the public basic laboratories. Relying on the public basic platforms and the specialized laboratories, the center has carried out university-enterprise cooperation with many domestic and foreign companies. The senior technical talents of the enterprise provide technical frontier courses for students, and integrate the industrial needs directly into the teaching. Through the combination of industry and education, it is a good solution to the contradiction between traditional teaching and social needs.

In 2017, in order to support the construction of the “Double-First Class” initiative and innovation for entrepreneurship, the Software Experimental Teaching Center has undergone a comprehensive renovation: the construction of the 10G optic fiber internet infrastructure has greatly improved the teaching and experimental experience; the installation of modern, intelligent monitoring and the anti-theft alarm system can ensures that the central computer room operates safely, orderly and efficiently.With the rapid development of the university, the Software Experimental Teaching Center will continue to learn, keep pace with the times, and constantly innovate, and strive to build the center into an open, modern, intelligent, specialized and large-scale experimental base integrating innovative teaching, innovative research, innovative entrepreneurship and innovative management, providing a first-class platform for students to become talents, provide strong support for the construction of the “Double-First Class” initiativeof South China University of Technology.