Laboratory Routine Management Regulization


Routine management regulization must ensure the relization of management objectives. This regulization complies with the following rules of the Ministry of Education: 'Laboratory Regulations for Higher Education Institutions', 'Management Methods of Instruments and Equipments for Higher Education Institutions',  'Management Methods for Materials and Low-Value Consumables for Higher Education Institutions' and 'Several regulations on material work for Higher Education Institutions'. The following is something should be noticed in routine management of laboratory.

1.Laboratory environmental management

  • Create a clean, tidy, gentle and safe environment with scientific and experimental atmosphere.

  • The layout of laboratories, instrument rooms and preparation rooms should be suitable.

  • Create a scientific atmosphere in the laboratory and place the management rules in a prominent position.

2.Formulate an experimental teaching plan and carefully implement it

  • Coordinate the teacher to formulate the experiment plan for the semester and place them out. The plan must be carefully implemented after scheduled and can not be changed casually.

  • Experiment teachers should supervise and check regularly to ensure the implementation of the plan and carefully write every record after the experiment finished.

3.Preparation of the experimental class

  • Undertake the experimental teaching tasks according to the school's teaching plan. The laboratory staff should complete the teaching materials such as experimental instructions and experimental textbooks, arrange experimental instructors to ensure the completion of teaching tasks.

  • The laboratory teacher should prepare the experiment equipment in advance according to the course teacher's experiment application form.

  • The laboratory staff should prepare the experiment environment and equipment  in advance for one day at least.

4.The laboratory are also open to second class and social services.

  • The laboratory are open to teachers and students of the college.

  • Under the premise of ensuring the completion of teaching or scientific research tasks, we will actively carry out social service, technology development, academic and technical communication and other activities. And for serving social science, personnel training and local economic construction, our laboratories are conditionally open to the society.

  • The labs should be open in plan, and all activities must be scheduled for registration ( fill an extracurricular experiment appointment form and submitted to the laboratory for preparation).