Notice About Academic Seminar of Professor Cao Lihong of China Media University


Headline : The development of artificial intelligence and brain-like computing

Lecturer : Professor Cao Lihong

Time : 3:30-5:00 pm, on October 25, 2018

Location : Academic Report Hall in Annex Building of B8, Southern Campus of SCUT

Report summary :

A new generation of artificial intelligence technology, whose core feature is deep learning, is facing great challenges while achieving great success. For example, continuous learning in an open and changing environment brings about catastrophic forgetting. From the perspective of brain science, responding to such challenges essentially requires a leap from perceived intelligence to cognitive intelligence. How to achieve? We will present some relevant developments from the perspective of brain-like calculations and analyze possible development prospects.

Lecture profile :

Dr. Cao Lihong is the Dean of the Institute of Brain Science and Intelligent Media, Communication University of China, a Second-level Professor, a Doctoral Supervisor and the director of Intelligent Media Technology Center of Beijing Collaborative Innovation Research Institute. And he was Postdoctoral fellow of the National Health Service (NIH),one of first batch of Beijing brain scientific research special guidance group hired experts, a member of the national new generation artificial intelligence planning expert group, one of the core experts of the brain-brain interface of the National Brain Planning North Center, the deputy director of China Artificial Intelligence Society Intelligence of the Media Committee, the director of the Beijing and Europe Alumni Association. He focus on the construction and application of the bionic brain/class brain computing simulation platform, realizing the intelligence of modern media technology by using the combination of deep learning and brain-like computing.