South China University of Technology (SCUT) is one of China's leading universities directly under the Ministry of Education, and one of the national 211 and 985 project universities,which qualifies it as a prestigious and highly sought-after institution in China. Since its establishment in 1952, SCUT has developed into a major comprehensive university with prestigious disciplines in science and engineering as well as offerings in business, management, liberal arts, law and art design, etc. SCUT ranks among the top 200 in the World University Rankings 2021, and this year has also seen a dramatic progress of SCUT ranking in USNEWS, where SCUT is at the 15th spot in mainland China. SCUT comprises 34 colleges, which possess 32 first-class disciplines authorized for doctorates, 39 first-class disciplines authorized for master's degree. The university has varieties of top-notch disciplines in the world. In the global ESI ranking, 11 disciplines are ranked in the top 1%, and 4 in the top 1 millesimal, which are Engineering, Material Chemistry, Chemistry and Agricultural Science. Seven disciplines, including Light Industrial Technology and Engineering, Food Science and Engineering, Urban and Rural Planning, Material Science and Engineering, Architecture, and Chemical Engineering and Technology, are ranked in the top 10 among Chinese universities. SCUT has developed its presence in the world considerably, and has played a more and more essential role in the development of global higher education.

SCUT strives to be an exceptional example for the entire international university community. It is active in academic exchange and has forged vital relationships with more than 200 overseas universities, including Cambridge University and Harvard University. In 2019, SCUT had about 2500 international students from 130 countries. The international profile of SCUT has been raised remarkably, and our capacity for excellence and global reach has been enhanced substantially

SCUT is located in bustling, modern Guangzhou, close to both Hong Kong and Macau. It has three vibrant campuses: the Wushan campus, the University Town campus, and the Guangzhou International campus. The Wushan campus is in the beautiful Tianhe District. It is an attractive area with rolling hills, lakes, lush greenery, and lovely flowers. This campus has a mixture atmosphere of both attractive traditional architectures and appealing modern buildings. The University Town campus is in the University Town of Panyu District. It has an open and spacious environment filled with beautiful landscaping and innovative and modern architecture. The newly built International campus locates in the core area of the south coast of Panyu District, facing the shore of University Town. It is a nationallevel campus and one of the key construction projects of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA).

SCUT also provides an exciting and welcoming campus where you can adapt to the new environment promptly. You will not only stretch yourself academically, but also deepen your understanding on many other aspects. Your international perspectives will be broadened, and your points of view will be refreshed during your study journey. Meanwhile, our campus is buzzing with activities which will provide you fascinating opportunities to enhance your abilities and gain a skill set useful to your career. Our graduates are in great demand. Your experience here will broaden the range of career prospects open to you and help you stand out wherever you choose to shine.

Inspired by the university motto of 'Study Extensively, Reflect Carefully, Discriminate Clearly, Practice Earnestly', we believe that SCUT will have more students who can create their places in the world and will be the institute that defines the university of tomorrow!

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