Ph.D Programs

(4 Years)

1. Wushan Campus


Programs/ Majors

School of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Material Science and Engineering (Metal Material and Process Engineering, Polymer Material and Process Engineering)

Power Engineering and Engineering Thermophysics (Chemical Process Equipment)

School of Architecture

Architectural History and Theory

Architectural Design and Theory

Architectural Technology and Science

Study of Urban and Rural Planning

Landscape Architectonics

School of Civil 

Engineering and 



Geotechnical Engineering

Structural Engineering

Disaster Prevention and Reduction Engineering and Protective Engineering

Bridge and Tunnel Engineering

Highway and Railway Engineering

Traffic Information Engineering and Control

Transportation Planning and Management

Shipbuilding and Oceanography Engineering

School of Electronic and Information Engineering

Electronic Science and Technology (Circuits and Systems, Electromagnetic Filed and Microwave Techniques)

Information and Communication Engineering (Chinese/ English Medium)

School of Electric Power


Power Engineering and Engineering Thermophysics (Engineering Thermophysics, Thermal Power Engineering)

Electrical Engineering (Power System and its Automation, Power Electronics and Power Drives, Electric Machines and Electric Apparatus, Theory and New Technology of Electrical Engineering, High Voltage and Insulation Technology)

School of Automation 

Science and Engineering

Control Science and Control Engineering (Chinese/ English Medium)

School of Material Science and Engineering

Chemistry (Chemistry and Physics of Polymers)

Material Science and Engineering (Chinese/ English Medium)

Biomedical Engineering

School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

Chemistry (Inorganic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry)

Chemical Engineering and Technology (Chemical Engineering, Industrial Catalysis, Applied Chemistry, Chemical Technology, Energy Environmental Material and Technology)

School of Food Science and Engineering

Light Industry Technology and Engineering (Sugar Engineering)

Food Science and Engineering (Chinese/English Medium)

School of Light Industry

 and Engineering

Light Industry Technology and Engineering (Pulp and Paper Engineering, Biomass 

Science and Engineering)

School of Mathematics


School of Physics 


Electronic Science and Technology (Physical Electronics)

School of Marxism 

Marxism theory

School of Business Administration

Management Science and Engineering


Corporate Management

Technological Economics and Management

School of Public Administration

Public Management

2. University Town Campus


Programs/ Majors

School of Computer Science and Engineering

Computer Science and Technology

School of Software Engineering

Software Engineering

School of Environmental and Energy

Environmental Science and Engineering (Chinese/ Bilingual Medium)

School of Biology and

Biological Engineering


Light Industry Technology and Engineerin (Fermentation Engineering)

School of Economics and Finance

Applied Economics

Department of Electronic Business

Management Science and Engineering

Department of Tourism Management

Tourism Management

School of Medicine

Biology (Cell Biology)

Biomedical Engineering (Biomedical Materials, Tissue Engineering, Nanomedicine and Medical Imaging, Biomedical Electronics and Medical Information)

3. Guangzhou International Campus 


Programs/ Majors

School  of Biomedical Sciences and 


Biomedical Engineering


School of Future Technology

Information and Communication Engineering (Communication and Information System, Signal and  Information Processing) 

4. Application Requirements

(1) Master's degree diploma and transcripts with good record. Those who have not graduated from master program, submit a pre-graduation certificate, or a testimonial which shows your expected graduation time and present your original certification, transcripts, and translations when you register.

(2) Language requirements for Chinese Medium programs (language certificate must be valid for the latest 2 years):

• HSK Band 4 with 180 scores or above for Science or Engineering studies

• HSK Band 5 with 180 scores or above for Liberal Arts, Economics, or Management studies

(3) Language requirements for English Medium programs (only for non-English speaking countries) (language certificate must be valid for the latest 2 years):

• TOEFL IBT 80 or above

• IELTS 6.0 or above

(4) Language requirements for Bilingual Medium programs:

• HSK Band 4 with 180 scores or above

• TOEFL IBT 80/ IELTS 6.0 above (only for non-English speaking countries)

(5) Those students who are exempt from submitting an English Language Certificate must meet the following conditions:

• A citizen of an English-speaking country

• Obtained the highest-level degree of education from an institution operating in English and submitting a proof issued by the instruction

(6) Those who do not have an HSK certificate can study in the Chinese Language program at SCUT prior to their degree programs until the required certificate has been completed.

(7) To apply for architecture related programs or design related programs, please submit at least 1 character sketch and 1 still life sketch.

(8) Two recommendation letters from professors or associate professors.

(9) A pre-acceptance letter signed by SCUT professors or associate professors.

(10) A study or research plan written in Chinese/English (500 words minimum).

(11) Abstract(s) of graduation thesis(es) or published paper(s).

(12) Applications of changing majors will not be accepted two weeks after semester begins.

5. Application Deadline

Before 15 June each year.

6. Study Starting Time

September of each year.

Please note that names of the majors, the schools and other information are subject to the latest notices.

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