Medical Care Regulations for Chinese Government Scholarship Students

1. Students on scholarship may go to the hospital and clinics of SCUT for their medical needs.


2. Costs of medical care and medicine are determined by the SCUT public medical care regulations. Medical services which are not covered by SCUT regulations, such as false teeth, glasses, abortions, and vitamins are fully at the students’ expense.


3. If a student requires medical care at a hospital outside the university, he/she must obtain a transfer note from an SCUT hospital/clinic for expense coverage. If a student goes to a non-university hospital without authorization from SCUT, he/she will be responsible for all medical and pharmaceutical expenses.


4. Students in the hospital are responsible for all food expenses.


5. When off campus for internships, research, or survey work, students may go to non-university hospitals in the event of emergency medical needs, and SCUT will cover the expenses in accordance with the receipts and emergency medical records. Students are responsible for all medical expenses accrued outside of China.


6. All international students on Chinese government scholarships who are registered in SCUT may enjoy public medical care at SCUT. Public medical care is retracted from those who are suspended or expelled from SCUT.


7. SCUT will not cover expenses incurred from an injury or illness related to drinking, fighting, or causing a traffic accident, nor for the treatment of an STD or AIDS. These expenses should be paid by the student or any others responsible.


8. These regulations only apply to students on government scholarships. International students not on scholarship are responsible for their own medical and pharmaceutical expenses.

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