Regulations for International Students of Language Studies in the School of International Education at SCUT

In accordance with the policies set by Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China, and the realities of the international language students on our campus, we have established these regulations to effectively administer the studies of our international students.


1. The new students should arrive at the school on time with a valid visa and their admission notice to register for enrollment. Students who are not able to arrive on time should submit written notice to request an approval of late arrival. For most cases this period of absence is limited to a maximum of two weeks. Once enrolled, if a student leaves without permission or a period of absence exceeds the permitted leave time, the absence will be regarded as truancy. If a student does not register within the first two weeks, he/she will no longer be allowed to enroll.


2 New students should go through a physical examination according to the campus’s schedule in the Guangdong Health Center for International Travelers. If it is not approved, enrollment will be revoked. Those who do not abide by the health standards instituted in the Chinese laws on sanitation and quarantine will be required to leave the country immediately at their own expense.


3. Once enrolled, students will get international student cards from the School of International Education. At the beginning of each term, international students should register on time (students will be notified of each term’s starting date). Those who cannot register as scheduled for any reason should request approval for a late arrival; otherwise the student’s absence will be regarded as truancy.


4.Enrolled students who cannot register on time, their absence will be recorded as sick leave, personal leave, or truancy accordingly and they will be followed up on .


5. During the period of study, all fees stipulated by the university should be paid on time each term. Those who fail to pay on time are not allowed to register and his/her study qualification will be eliminated.


6. Attendance and Discipline

a. Students should attend relevant teaching curriculum and take part in activities as stipulated by the university or International School of Education. Students’ attendance rate will be assessed each semester. Those who cannot attend classes or other activities for any reason should request permission from the School of International Education. Students who leave without permission or take leave longer than a permitted duration, or those who are late for three times will be regarded as truants. Disciplinary measures will be implemented in accordance with the period of absence, the seriousness of the breach of regulation. If a student is absent for 70 or more classes in a term, he/she will not receive any study certificate. Upon receipt of truancy notice over three times in one semester and you have not improved, you will be expelled from the School.

b. Students who are absent for personal or health reasons must get approval from the head teacher of each class. Those who need to return to their country or travel outside the campus must submit an application form of temporary absence to the head teacher; those who ask for leave for 3 days or above should submit application to the office and get permission before leaving. If a student leaves without the School’s permission or returns to school later than the permitted duration, he / she will be regarded as a truant.

c. International students can have time off for the usual allotted Chinese traditional holidays and summer/ winter vacations. Students can apply for one day’s leave through the School of International Education on the occasion of important holidays of their countries. This will be permitted twice a year as maximum. 


7. Students should attend course examinations as scheduled. Course results will be recorded and put into students’ files. Course results are made up of the scores in the final exam as well as the mid-term examination, the attendance and general performance. Generally, the final exam scores count for 40% of the course results, the results of mid-term exams 30%, the attendance and general performance 30%.


8. Students must attend final exams unless they have acceptable reasons for being excused.

Students who are absent without permission or are caught cheating during a test will not be assessed for their performance. A student who is caught cheating, caught helping others to cheat, or otherwise caught violating examination rules, will be subject to warnings or dismissal from the school.


9. If a student is absent and/or asks for leave for 1/3 of the total periods in which that subject is held, the student will fail the course and cannot attend the exams, and the assessment result is graded as Zero.


10. After completing courses and passing exams for all subjects in a term, students may progress to the next level. Students who fail Comprehensive Chinese and another subject must repeat all courses for this semester.


11. After completing courses and passing exams for all subjects in a term, qualified language students will be granted the course-completion certificates.


12. Students who have no existing study records within the university will not be given any types of study certification.


13. After completion of studies, students should bring their student ID to the International Student Office to get a copy of the “School Departure Process Form” a week before leaving the university and then undergo departure procedure. 

Students who leave without performing these procedures will not be allowed to get the relevant university documents such as study certificate, study testimonials and transcripts.


14. Students should keep the language study certificates. Lost certificates will not be renewed again. Only a testimonial of study can be issued upon a student’s request, which needs the approval of the School of International Education.


15. Before classes start , freshmen are required to attend the placement test to enter the corresponding class. Students who need to change the class, should fill in Change the Class Application Form within two weeks after the commencement, and can only join in the new class with approval.


16. These regulations are for all international students of Language Studies. They are effective from here forward. The right of interpreting the details of these regulations belongs to the School of International Education.


(Revised in 2013)

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