Living Guide for University Town Campus

1. The international student dormitory on the southcampus is located in the living area in building C15. Students can take the No. 2 bus from the main gate of the Wushan campus to University Town..


2.The students office of the School of International Education (SIE) is in Room 208, Building No. B1 Office hours: 8:50am to 12:00pm, 13:50pm to 17:00pm, from Monday to Friday. For any inquiries, please contact 39381020.


3.Each dorm room is equipped with an internet connection. To connect the internet in your room, please go to the Internet Administration office which locates in the first floor of building D2,Internet center tel: 39382101.


4.Student can use the washing machine in the 1st, 4th & 6th Floor in C15. It costs three 1 RMB coins.


5.The dormitory has washing machines for public use on the first floor. Students must buy a washing machine card in on the first floor of building C10 to use the machines. Each wash costs RMB 3 Yuan. Kitchen equipment is  free of charge.


6.Students may buy a University Town Universal Card on D1. Students can use this card to purchase food in dining halls and goods in shops throughout University Town.


7. Students can buy goods at the Shibo Supermarket on campus. In University Town there is also the Huarun Supermarket in the North Shopping Center and the Hongcheng Supermarket in the South Shopping Center. Bus 381 or 382 goes to both shopping centers.


8.In University Town there are branches of the Bank of China and of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China located in the South Shopping Center, and a branch of the Agricultural Bank of China in the North Shopping Center. Students may open a bank account with their passport. The maximum amount that can be withdrawn is US$10000 per day. Foreign currency can be exchanged to Chinese Yuan at the current daily rate. There is an ATM located on the first floor of building D4 of SCUT.


9.Students with health needs may go to the south campus clinic, located near building C15. They should bring their student card. Also there is a bigger hospitallay aboard Guangdong University of Technology in University Town. In case of emergency, please contact staff in the front office to call the hospital emergency phone or the city medical emergency line 120.


10.Major students should register in the International Student Office on the South Campus on time in accordance with the term schedule, then register in their schools and get their class schedules and books there. Language students should bring their receipts to SIE to get their books. Other students only register in the International Student Office on the South Campus on time.


11. In case of emergency , please contact the staff in the front office or call the city police emergency line 110.


12. For more details about the School of International Education at SCUT, go to www.scut.edu.cn/sie.

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